Writing Board Film

Simply peel and stick our white board film on any flat, smooth surface and start writing, drawing, scribbling, and doodling to your heart

Feature Benefits Advantage
Smooth high gloss white surface Easy write on/wipe off performance A more flexible solution to replace whiteboards.
"Cut to size", direct to install film Can be pasted on vertical / horizontal surface as per size Usage across different surfaces thereby improving utility.
Excellent opacity with grey blockout adhesive Good over-posting appearance on multiple interior surfaces Can be used on substrates of any colour.

Application Guide
  • Dry application is recommended. For best adhesion and removability performance, the substrate needs to be clean, dry and smooth.
  • Application recommended only on flat surfaces, as any irregularities will be visible due to the high gloss finish of the vinyl.
  • Maintain caution during application to ensure the product surface is free of dents, scratches and dirt.
  • Overlap and butt joints are possible, but not recommended for smooth functionality.
  • Application over an already-applied PVC materials is NOT recommended, as it will adversely affect the adhesion performance.
  • Use only branded whiteboard markers (alcohol or ketone-based). Do NOT use permanent markers.