The essence of seasons is change. Summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, each season brings something new and unique to our lives. Décor Alkemi’s collection shows this change in all images effortlessly so that you can display this cycle of change in your room. Each season, has a different character just like humans. Summer comes with long, lazy afternoons and the smell of mangoes etched on sweaty skin. It’s running air conditioners the whole day an somehow still being hot. It’s opening every window in the house during sunset to tempt the evening breeze to come by. It’s hot tea on equally hot mornings. It’s the sound of children poking at trees heavy with fruit without any care. It’s the sudden transaction into monsoon just when you are getting used to the heat. Monsoon is a collective sigh of cool and relief from the constant sticky heat. The rain comes and it sounds like someone you know. It’s living under the shade of an old tree with its branches dripping raindrops on your roof all night long. Its watching the thunderstorm from your window because the light got cut off and you can’t sleep. It’s the splash of boots in a puddle, school kids drenched on their way back home. It’s the smell of hope. Autumn comes and goes like a gush of air, sudden, but making a lasting impression. It’s crisp mornings and cool nights. Autumn leaves fall sparse across a mid-afternoon, glowing a bright orange, and flowers line the streets turning them from a dull concreate grey to a cheerful yellow. It’s long sleeve shirts and windy evenings and warm afternoons. It’s the season of change. Winter arrives subtly, till one night the ceiling fan seems unnecessary. It’s wearing hoodies and beanies without drowning in sweat and hot chocolate moustache. It’s improv races with friends to keep warm. It’s short days and long nights. It’s foggy mornings and standing in patches of sunlight in the chilly afternoons. It’s waiting for summer to come back again. This collection says that every season is special in its own way and it will make your unique space one of a kind.