A colourful collection merging flora and fauna with geometric shapes, charm shows how we coexist with nature. The curves of the leaves and flowers bring out the straight edges of the shapes giving a duality to the image. An unique interplay of patterns, textures and motif, charm comprises natures power of delighting and attracting anyone amidst it. Charm comes from middle English meaning incantation or magic spell or to use spells. Which comes from the old French word ‘charme’ which means charmer which comes from the Latin word ‘carmen’ meaning song, verse or incantation. This collection shows the charms of our planet. We can say nature might be controlled by magic because how else are such wondrous things possible. The roar of a waterfall roaring down from lush rainforests, palm trees on a white sandy shore, a bud blooming and a bee landing on it later, the call of water birds near a gentle flowing stream, mountains so high they are hidden in fog. Snowy woods with wolves hunting in pack and the deer being hunted, the trees shedding all its leaves in fall and going to sleep in winter only to birth new life during spring. A vine spiralled around a pipe of a cottage in the forest. The nest of eagles in long abandoned structures. Northern lights seen from an icelandic house. Charm comprises the best of nature and humanity, twinned around each other.