Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the new major alternative for curtains which are not only more feasible but also add a mood to your room décor. They provide an economical solution to the room décor while maintaining a minimalistic and modern aesthetic. They are light weighted, easy to move and clean; all the while giving you precise light control. We have two types of blinds available. You can opt for translucent blinds to get maximum natural light in your room and sustain your décor using customized colours and designs to compliment your room. These allow for fractional privacy and provide some protection from heat and UV rays while allowing light to seep into the room and giving it an open feel. They are also available in black out fabric, giving complete privacy effectively minimising light penetration and maximising protection from heat and UV rays. With our ever expanding collection of images and designs, Décor Alkemi tries to find the perfect match for you.