Roller Blinds

The rising use of glass facades and the increasing preference for natural light has resulted in the rising use of roller blinds. Traditionally, these blinds were white but with rising aesthetic awareness and brand consciousness printed blinds are coming to vogue. In addition to printing logos and color coordinated designs we have a range of formal, elegant, sophisticated, neutral designs suited for today's modern offices. Again, when it comes to window treatments, the options largely fall into two camps: blinds and curtains. As with most home decor decisions, choosing between them is a matter of personal preference and specifics of the room in question. After all, there are certainly pros and cons to both. While blinds tend to be more affordable and precise in light control, curtains can add instant style and cozy textures to a space. (Blinds are also easier to clean, technically, but that just means they must be cleaned more often—though that means they're cleaner at any given moment than curtains...ideally)