Wall Murals

Arguably, wall murals are the most expressive décor form. They can convey your interest and tastes, accentuate and / or provide architectural detail or represent the thematic space that you wish to create. Whatever be the intent, there is no denying that wall murals lend a unique personality to the space, be it a residential or commercial area. And with an ever expanding design range from Alkemi Décor we are sure that what’s on your mind will be in our range! What more, technological advancements have ensured that the installation of wall murals is quick & easy and can be digitally seen prior to installation increasing their popularity. Alkemi Murals are digitally printed in a variety of media enabling quick turnaround times. Wall Murals can be big and bold and cover the entire wall or be small and classy and be the perfect wall highlight. What ever be the size, we custom fit ensuring that you don’t loose out on the wall mural of your choice. Almost all our wall murals can be re-sized and re-oriented so that the mural fits your wall. While doing so, our expert design team works on the selected mural for the best orientation possible ensuring that the essence of the mural is preserved. So don’t wait, go ahead and express yourself!