About Us

The use of wall coverings to enhance interiors has been in fashion since the beginning of the 15th century. Beginning in London where people who couldn’t afford wall tapestries but still wanted their homes to have character, wallpaper was an invention which gained immediate attention. The industry has of course come a long way since then in terms of design, materials and technology.

Décor Alkemi offers you an exclusive range of designs, patterns and images to choose from. We provide wall murals, glass films, wallcoverings roller blinds and curtains with swift installations. Each piece is made to fit into the thematic of any home or commercial space.

Our customization option allows you to select the exact size, the right shade of colour, the perfect material and any other additional insertions you might require. Boasting of a diverse collection including images of landscapes, wildlife, cityscapes, architecture, icons, sculptures, portraits, cartoons and quirky designs and patterns we have something to offer for every person.